Dark ash blonde hair color

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Women have always wanted to look great and since their hair is a major component of their beauty, there is no wonder why women choose to improve the aspect of their hair in making it look more natural and shiny. If you want to choose something new and trendy like a dark blonde hair color, then if your skin complexion allows it you should consider the dark ash blonde hair color. This hair color is a perfect option for women with warm skin tones. And if you are among those with lighter skin tones and hair colors it is even better. But, women with a red skin tone should avoid this hair dye, as it makes red skin tones appear even redder than they are.

If you are among the women with suitable skin complexion, this hair color will surely look amazing on you. And whether you like to wear your hair straight down or in an up do, this color will offer you great options no matter the way you would want to style your hair. Moreover, the dark ask blonde proves to be a versatile hair color for all seasons which makes is very trendy. The dark ash blonde hair color represents a light brown color with hints of ash blonde, which makes it a very cool shade of blonde.

Another thing you should count is that this color works great with highlights. And since highlights are the best solution for putting some shine to your hair, you should try it for your hair too. A good tip for the ladies who have their hair into dark ash blonde hair color is to add black and chestnut highlighting which will put more attractiveness to their hair. The greatest thing about this blonde color is that it gives you more freedom to work more in terms of color combination.

Once you have dyed your hair in this color there are some things you should count for keeping your color vibrant and for a long time. Usually, an expert in hair coloring will guide you to purchase a pigmented shampoo which should keep your hair looking shiny and healthy. Maintaining your blonde color requires also using an appropriate conditioner too. Usually a good conditioner means a product which can leave your hair shiny and refreshed without some extra styling products. Not to mention that a shampoo and a conditioner work together in giving you more strength in your hair.