Creative ways to wrap presents

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If you are passionate about the art of gift making, then you probably know that the perfect gift is not only about the content, but also about the way in which it is presented to the receiver. Investing time, effort and attention into wrapping gifts not only creates a result that is a pleasure to look at, but also shows that you went the extra mile to show that you really care and that the gift isn’t just formal courtesy. If you have a special birthday party coming along and you want your gift to stand out from the others in the pile, check out these creative ways to wrap presents using cheap materials that everyone has around the house. If you are not particularly crafty or interested in DIY, then you can always buy ribbons for birthday parties and other must-have accessories from online stores.

Unwrapping the gift is an important part of the birthday ritual and even though you might not be aware of it, the packaging can make your present look better or worse. Most people are too concerned with the content itself to focus on the wrapping and end up spending a lot of money on a luxury item that they offer as it is, in the manufacturer’s box. It may be well received, but the birthday boy or girl will like it even more if it came with nice packaging. Although some stores offer a paid gift wrapping service, there are cheaper and more personal options out there. For example, find creative wrapping paper in your friend’s favorite color or with designs that you know they like and wrap it with a ribbon. Any kind of material will do and if you want to put more effort into it, you can even talk to a supplier to customize the strand with the name of the person that the present is for. Receiving such a gift not only increases the feeling of excitement and anticipation, but also shows that you really care about that person. Anyone can grab an item off a store’s shelves and put it in a gift bag, but few go through the effort of carefully wrapping it to match the personality of the boyfriend girl of boy. Needless to say, impressive wrapping is a great way of compensating for smaller gifts or even making a nice joke.

You do not have to invest a lot of money into expensive wrapping materials. With a bit of paper, glue, ribbons, cardboard and creativity, everyone can create works of art. Dexterity and originality are more important than luxury, so make sure you watch some tutorials on how to use resources effectively. Don’t be afraid to experiment and use everyday objects that you have around the house, including buttons, sharpies, glitter and beads. You should not expect the result to look as it was wrapped in a professional store. On the contrary, as long as it is not messy, the DIY look is more personal and creative, showing that you did the wrapping yourself.