Creative outfits for promotion models

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If you’re getting ready to start your career in promotional modelling, you’re probably wondering in what ratio marketing and modelling will be present in your job. The average promotional campaign is a mix of both, which means that you will need to have a promotional attitude and pick up a few marketing notions, but you will also need to have a pleasant and friendly image and respect the dress code chosen by your employer. Managers normally choose to hire more than one girl for an event and, to create a uniform brand image, you’ll probably have to wear the same outfit as everyone else. Since the goal of the campaign is to encourage people to purchase certain products, the outfits for promotion models needs to draw the customer’s interest, but not cross the limit between attractive and vulgar.

Depending on the products you will promoting, you will be asked to wear either formal or informal outfits. While the former option is quite a classical one and there is not much room for creativity, the latter gives your employers plenty of possibilities. You can be asked to wear anything from low cut jeans and crop tops to cute and colourful dresses or fantasy princess dresses. It all depends on the brand you will be representing and the target audience. Most companies choose the classic short skirt plus short sleeved top for promotional models, but this isn’t necessarily a recipe for success, so in your career you may be asked to wear all sorts of clothes. It’s important to point out that these may not have anything to do with fashion, but with the strategy that the company chooses for the marketing campaign. As for the shoes, they are usually quite basic flats, because, as promotion model, you will have to spend most of your time standing. However, there are some employers that require their female brand ambassadors to wear high heels, so make sure you can walk in them.

It should be pointed out that you won’t have the chance to express your personal style too often. Of course, you might be able to choose your own hairstyle and accessories from time to time, but even then there are some limits, in the sense that your personal fashion preferences should not outshine the message that your employer tries to send. Therefore, avoid wearing flashy jewellery or extreme hairstyles that could offend customers. As for make-up, you can go as far as to wear a nice smoky eye, but try not to go for something that can be seen as controversial, such as Goth make-up. All these restrictions might sound very uninviting at first, but you will see that you’ll have the chance to work with many companies and, throughout your career, you will wear outfits of all types, from formal to informal ones. If you work for a promotional event staff agency, then you will probably promote different products every day and you’ll get the chance of changing your websites daily! All in all, even if the outfits you will wear as a promotion model might not always be inspired from the latest fashion trends, you’ll definitely get the chance of wearing many creative clothing items.