Creating great fashion with ribbons

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Designing great fashion items might seem as a job for only a handful of people, but the truth is that anyone can create beautiful clothes, up to a certain point at least. The secret of great fashion has to be an adequate patterning. Surely you have noticed that the clothes realized by great designers are rather simple in appearance, but they are exquisite when it comes to fabric or details. Thus, here are a few simple things you could do with satin ribbons. These tricks, which are simple, are also highly effective.

Decorating an old chiffon dress

One of the oldest tricks in the world of fashion has to be revitalizing old designs. Everyone knows that fashion has the habit of returning and it is best to save those statement pieces. Ribbons certainly are the best way to revive a clothing item. The secret is to apply them on a simple chiffon dress. It is best to keep away from patterns, because you might over decorate an item and it will no longer look stylish. So, if you do have a simple dress, you could apply a satin ribbon coming in a strong colour on each shoulder. Also, the bottom of the dress could be adequately decorated with small colourful ribbons, as well as the back. The fun thing about these little decorative pieces is the fact that you are free to place anywhere on the dress, as they look great wither way.

Simple shirt becomes fashion statement

As mentioned in the beginning, the best kept fashion secret is to bring the right accessories to the simplest of clothing items. For instance, the classic sober white shirt that is usually worn in a professional environment can now be used in more stylish events, simply by adding a large satin ribbon that also has a lovely pattern. This can be placed at the collar, much like a tie. You will see that the difference is huge.

T-shirts and hoodies for women

One of the biggest concerns about fashion critics have often spoken of is the fact that this domain is losing much of its femininity. Perhaps it’s high time you did something about it. Here is a fun and simple way of personalising one’s clothes. You simply have to add a few ribbons here and there on some of your basic clothes. There are really no better examples than the regular t-shirts as well as hoodies. Place a bow, no matter the size anywhere you find appropriate, from the sleeves to the hood. If that bow is also colourful, then you have done your job right, because the simplest of items will now receive the femininity it has once lost.

Truth be told, there are quite a few ways one can design and decorate clothing items. Of course that applying a ribbon here and there is not enough to call yourself a designer, but if things should develop properly, you could say that you are on the right track. The idea is to allow your creativity to speak for you. So, find a dedicated provider you could purchase your bows from and you should be able to decorate some of your favourite clothes right away.