Copper Red Hair Color

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Red has always been one of the most fascinating hair colors, especially because it is rare in nature, which is why in some cultures it has been associated with maliciousness. Many women prefer to color their hair red, because it gives them a sensual, fiery look that attracts attention. If you want to dye your hair red it’s important to know that not all skin types can pull it off, especially those with olive skin and even darker tones. For lighter skin tones, red hair color will look natural, but for others it might look forced if you choose the wrong nuance. If your girlfriend or wife is celebrating her birthday soon and you are looking for the perfect gift, then a voucher to a salon is a great idea. Of course, you can add a ride with a luxurious limo rented from a company such as Infinity Limousine. As for the salon treatment, don’t forget to check with a stylist, just to make sure that she likes the idea.


Speaking of nuances, there are countless variants of red hair colors, starting with dark reds that can only be achieved with dyes to lighter ones, like ginger or copper red hair color which can appear naturally as well. Copper red hair color has been very popular lately, thanks to its warm hues and rich tints; it is a great color to opt for in autumn or winter, when the cold weather makes our features look more faded and bland.

Celebrities like Emma Stone and Adele have chosen to go with copper red hair color and it looks great on their fair complexions and light-colored eyes. Getting copper red hair color was actually a bold move for Emma Stone, who is naturally blonde, but the results were spectacular, because her light skin and green eyes are highlighted by this rich and warm color.

If you too want to dye your hair copper red you first have to make sure it fits your skin tone, otherwise you’ll end up looking ridiculous. Though copper red hair color goes best with fair skin with warm or even reddish tones, darker skinned women can pull it off too, especially if they have that mulatto look like Beyonce, Jennifer Hudson or Eva Mendes. If coloring your entire hair in this shade is too much for you, or it doesn’t fit your skin type that well, you can always go for highlights through the base color you already have. The best results can be achieved if your base color is a darker blonde, a light brown or even a different shade of red.

It’s important though that the colors be well blended, otherwise you’ll end up looking like an unfortunate piñata, with all those uneven streaks. Another thing you need to know about red hair shades is that they fade quicker than other colors, so you need to be prepared to maintain it regularly. To complete the pampering experience, you can rent a limo from Infinity Limousine and celebrate in style!