Changing the shape of your face with the help of makeup

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You are not content with the symmetry of your face? There are several methods you can take into consideration and makeup is one of them. When nothing goes right and you can’t achieve the result you are striving for, you should take into account the possibility of a surgery. . Rhinoplasty London can offer that long-dreamt nose reshaping you want. Nowadays, surgery is no longer a big deal and the results are completely mesmerising. Considering the features of your face, here’s what you can do:


There are different types of contouring according to the shape of your nose. Every person is different so make sure you inform yourself over the topic and watch a lot of tutorials before attempting a certain style of contour. Here are the main shapes of the nose:

  • Small and short nose – contour along sides and highlight the tip
  • Long and narrow nose – slightly contour the sides
  • Turned up nose – contour the base of your nose and highlight above it
  • Aquiline nose – contour the nasal hump
  • Bulbous nose – contour both the sides and the base of the nose and highlight along the length of it
  • Asymmetrical nose – contour the side that is asymmetrical more preeminent than the other and highlight on the exact middle

If you still can’t find a solution for your problem, you should consider surgery. Rhynoplasty is an easy procedure and you have nothing to lose. Check out for all the details you want to obtain regarding it. Besides, you won’t have to worry about contouring techniques any longer. All you have to do is make an appointment and discuss all the details with an aesthetician.


The biggest effect you will get through makeup is by correctly contouring your cheekbones accordingly to your face shape. For the greatest results, don’t forget to invest in qualitative brushes and sculpting kits. Follow these main tips in order to get the result you long for:

  • Oval face – you need to highlight the main features of your face, including cheekbones, nose bridge and jaw
  • Round – all you have to do is reducing the volumes of your cheeks with the help of facial contouring to lengthen the face
  • Long – widening the face should be your main target; your cheekbone structure should be softened instead of emphasized for balancing the volumes correctly
  • Square – you need to slim down your face, lengthening it by softening the angular cheekbones and the preeminent jaw
  • Inverted triangle – restoring the balance of your face shape can be done by reducing the wide part and accentuating the slimmer one
  • Pyramid – this type of face requires reduction in the jaw area and powerful highlighting for the cheekbones and forehead


To sum it up, contouring can be tricky but there are alternatives for that, like surgery. Your main goal should be feeling confident and content with the way you look, no matter what it takes. We live in an era of endless possibilities and beauty is one thing you need to invest into.