Change Hair Color

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Hair color is something we are all preoccupied with, whether we’re men or women. Some people prefer to keep their natural color even when gray hairs start to appear, but others like to experiment with colors, shades and hairstyles even before that. Our hair color is determined by two types of melanin that are found in the hair follicles, and those are eumelanin and pheomelanin. In hair follicles that contain more eumelanin, the color of the hair will be darker, whereas more pheomelanin will result in light-colored hair. Our natural hair color varies and transforms as we age, and there are common instances of babies born with light hair color that mature with brown or dark black hair.

As for dyeing, if you want to change hair color, there are some steps and rules to every type of transformation. For example, if you want to lighten your hair from black to brown, you will be faced with numerous difficulties. Excluding the possibility of letting your hair grow back, you can use color strippers or hair lighteners to lighten the black before dyeing. It is not easy to change hair color from black to brown or darker to lighter without damaging the hair, so it would be best to let a professional do it for you. Changing your hair color is even more difficult if you’ve used permanent dyes, because these penetrate the hair shaft and stay there for a very long period of time.

If you’re a blonde and you’ve tired of this shade and want to change hair color to darker shades like brown, you’re in luck because going from lighter to darker is much easier. You just have to decide on a specific shade and apply it on the entire hair. Again, letting a professional hair stylist to do it would be better, because poorly blended colors and patches of different shades can ruin your whole appearance. However, if you’re a blonde and want to opt for a dark brown or black, test your chosen shade on a small strand of hair to see want the end results will look like. If you’ve found the ideal color, apply it with confidence because light-colored hair absorbs darker colors in no time.

The most important aspect when you decide to change hair color is to choose high-quality dyes, because you want to protect you hair and avoid making radical color changes too often. Give your hair time to breathe and regenerate before exposing it to more chemicals.