Causes of Hair Loss

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Though it is merely a genetic remnant from the times when it used to protect our bodies, hair has become very important in human societies, and we’ve literally gone over our heads to find out more about it and about how we can style it and wear it. We use our hair to make social statements and to improve our appearance and it is an important part of us, which is why we also do our best to take care of it. But what happens when you start suffering from hair loss? Well, there are several causes of hair loss, and they can either be triggered by hormones, disease or illness, or it can be mechanical damage, caused by over-styling and others.

Like we mentioned, the first causes of hair loss are hormonal; since hormones can influence either hair growth or hair loss, hormonal changes have the biggest impact on hair loss. This is especially noticed on men, who are quite often affected by hair loss in a specific pattern, from the front towards the crown. With women, hair loss happens throughout the head and it can be accentuated after childbirth or because of taking birth control pills, but these are situations that can almost always be reversed.

Next on the list of causes of hair loss we have diseases or illnesses. Many afflictions can affect the follicle, which is very sensitive and therefore responds easily to imbalances in the body. These causes of hair loss are mostly temporary too, with the hair rejuvenating when the body recovers, but some diseases can cause permanent hair loss. Among the reversible causes of hair loss there is high fever, flu, severe infection, thyroid disease, deficient diet, medications, cancer treatments, low serum iron, major surgery or chronic illness, Alopecia Areata, fungus infection of the scalp or stress.

The last of causes of hair loss is mechanical damage, which is an active damage we inflict on our hair on a daily basis. One of the most common causes of hair loss is trichotillomania, or hair pulling, which occurs in children but adults as well. When we play with our hair insistently and obsessively by pulling or twisting it, it can be part of a behavioral problem that is often done unconsciously. This can result in hair loss from the constant stress on the hair. Hair styling treatments like bleaching, braiding or straightening can affect the hair if used constantly and without protecting and treating the hair. For example, many African-American men and women suffer from hair loss because they braid their hair or wear hair weaves.