Caramel Hair Color

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Caramel hair color has gained a lot of popularity lately, so more and more women are starting to adopt this color, especially businesswomen, who need to look dignified and confident all the time. Caramel is the shade right between beige blonde and golden brown, but this versatile color can achieve more than one look, depending on your style, the length of your hair and so on. Though it’s an easy-going color, the caramel is best suited for women with brown or hazel eyes and seems to compliment olive-skinned women very well. However, celebrities like Miley Cyrus, who has blue eyes, has been sporting caramel hair color for years now and she looks amazing, but this is because her natural hair color is just two shades away.

The caramel hair color is warm and appealing, thanks to its rich tones that remind of toffee, espresso macchiato and crème brulée. It also inspires trust and confidence, so it is the perfect hair color for women that need to hold business meetings at a regular basis. In the sun, this color is spectacular and vibrant and its shine and glimmer create amazing visual effects. Still, if you’re not sure about going over to the caramel side, you can start off with some caramel highlights to see if the color matches your skin tone and if you’re pleased with it. When deciding on highlights it is best you ask for professional help, as many women try to do it at home and ruin their hair. Repairing a hair color can be difficult and costly, so going directly to a stylist can save you a lot of trouble and money. Many business women also complain that they cannot find the time to make appointments to hair salons. Some are also reluctant to try a new hair color, fearing it will ruin their look. This is how making an appointment to a stylist for your mother becomes one of the best business mothers day gifts. The caramel hair color fit business mothers best, because it looks dignified and warm at the same time.

Caramel hair color is best suited for people with pale and light complexions, but that shouldn’t scare you off. A stylist is the best hair doctor and they will tell you if you can pull off the caramel or not. Those of you that will decide to make the change or already have caramel hair color should know that this soft color is best represented by soft hairstyles. Waves and curls are ideal for this shade, as they help bring out the lighter streaks that shine in the sun. You can even style your hair in some brushed out corkscrew curls, beach waves or any style of braids. This color is best enhanced by hairstyles with a bit of volume, wavy curls that fall gently on the shoulders, whereas unisex, short or austere haircuts will make it look very unkempt.

Fortunately, caramel hair color is quite easy to maintain, unlike shades of red or blonde, which are prone to fading and drying the hair. This is also what makes a hair coloring one of the best business mothers day gifts, because these mothers lack the time to visit the hair salon very often. Yet it’s still important you use color-safe shampoos and conditioners to help your color look fresh and vibrant for a longer time.