Burgundy hair color

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Women get pretty excited about a new color of their hair whenever they want to try something new and that should look great on them. There is a huge selection of hair shades among which women can choose in order to get a look that will turn heads. Lately, women seem more interested than ever in choosing some special colors for their hair in order to stand out from the crowd and we can mention here some less used hair colors like the burgundy hair color.

Those willing to dye their hair in red shades should know that not all women can take into consideration this color for their hair. Usually, the red shades go very well with dark or olive skin tone, so if you are lucky enough to be among the women with such skin tones, then choosing among the red shades should be the right thing to do for your hair. What could help you in determining whether red nuances are suitable for you is browsing through a fashion blog for pictures of women wearing red hair; if you discover one whose features are similar to yours, who has the same skin tone, then you can safely assume the color would look good on you as well. Moreover, a fashion blog can be your inspiration for a new haircut as well, one that would go with your new hair color and attitude.

And the truth is that the red hair comes in many shades. Some of the red shades look very natural, while some others do not. If you wonder which the most natural looking red shades are, then you should know you should see the red-orange combinations. They usually range from a pale strawberry blonde to a deep red orange. But, even if the color you like doesn’t appear in nature, it doesn’t mean that it won’t look great on you. Moreover, if you like red shades you should know you can have red with highlights, dark or blonde with red, red hair with drown highlights or just about any combination you want.

If you want to dye your hair in a burgundy hair color which is a darker shade of red you should count the way this red shade looks on you according to your skin face. As mentioned, this dark red color suits very well women with olive skin tones, but it can also be a good match for other skin tones if you have a dark brown hair or chestnut hair and you want to make some great burgundy highlights.

Unlike the bright red that makes the white skin tone appear pale, burgundy red doesn’t give a sharp contrast with the white skin. However, if you decide to dye your hair in a burgundy hair color, whether you want your entire hair dyed or you want to get some highlights, this color will give you an elegant look. Women with green eyes are looking fabulous with this dark red color whether they choose to wear they hair straight or whether they opt for a more elaborate hair style. In addition, you should make some makeup adjustment and go for a lipstick that should match your burgundy color in order to be stylish and elegant.