Brunette hair color

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Brunettes are said to be sexy and mysterious and if you want to get the brunette color for your hair you should know there is a wide array of shades and tones which make the category of brunette hair color. No matter if you go for the rich chocolate or the golden brown, the color of your hair must depend on the type of your skin tone. Of course even your natural hair color will count enough in determining the right brunette shade for you. Not to mention the quality of your hair dye and the method you will have to use to achieve the desired shade. If you are not completely sure that you can manage with a hair coloring at your home you should go to a professional hair dye salon somewhere close to you and benefit from the professional services provided by an expert.

Lately, the brunettes who decide to have a caramel brown tone look very modern and stylish. But, no matter the brunette hair color the skin and eye tones are definitely counting. Usually, women with warm skin complexion look better with warmer shades of brown, while very olive skin tones should be enhanced by softer, cooler and less red tones.

If you are among the women with fair skin, you are required to choose the browns which can soften your skin color and you can have a honey brown or a mahogany tone as choices. However, it is advisable for the persons with fair skin to avoid some color tones which are overly dark. For a medium skin tone, you should choose golden brown or chestnut shades which are guaranteed to highlight your skin color. Women with dark skin tones should avoid the mixed colors. If you have a dark complexion you should select a pure color like woodsier brown. Chocolate brown is also a great choice for a darker skin. Moreover, if you like, now you can also go for two-toned hair colors, and spring fashion trends are all about promoting that. Ombre hair color for example, which can be a combination of any two colors, can look great with some brunette nuances with lighter brown. Although spring has yet to come, preparing yourself for the spring fashion trends is never too early, because you have to consider all your possibilities; the warmer part of the year is ideal for lighter shades of color, but this doesn’t have to mean renouncing on your brunette, but rather on completing it with a few artifices.

When you are not sure if the brunette hair color you like is suitable for you, you can easily find some pictures in some magazines and get them to your hairstylist. A picture is able of telling more than all words and your hair specialist will know exactly whether the shade you want is working for you or not. Moreover you can get some great tips of how to arrange your hairĀ  and to add some bangs with highlights into it. However, matching everything to your facial features should be a priority which will give you a great look.