Brown Hair Color

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When choosing to dye your hair you have to make sure you opt for a color that suits you. Our hair reflects much of our personality through the way we style it or dye it, but we’re not always aware of what suits us better and what doesn’t. This is why it’s a good idea to consult a hair stylist before choosing to change your look.

Some people may think that brown hair color is simple and common, because most of the population is dark haired naturally. This couldn’t be farther from the truth. There are many shades of brown hair color you can choose from, and some will definitely compliment you better than others. The upside when deciding to change your hair color to brown is that you can apply it over any other color and have optimal results almost every time. Only in cases of very powerful colors like red or green, or very light blonde you may need to treat the hair a little to darken or light it in order to get to the specific shade of brown you opted for.

Fortunately, brown hair color can be pulled of by almost anyone. Some of the best brown hair color shades we found are very popular this year, so you might think of trying one. First, there’s the ash brown, which is very classical and is found with many natural women, so if you want your hair to look like it hasn’t been dyed, this is a good option. Auburn is another brown shade that looks spectacular thanks to the reddish, golden hues the hair gets in the sun.

If you like stronger colors, you can go for ultra-dark brown, which was also a one-time choice of celebrity star Lindsay Lohan. Yet you have to be careful with colors like this, because if your hair is naturally light and soft, dark brown or brunette will make it look like your hair is too rare. Daring girls can choose a Party Girl brown; if you don’t know what that is, just think of Beyonce in the last few years. It’s that very light brown color, almost blonde, that looks a bit different every time you look at it or every time you style it differently. Nevertheless, this is a great color that will definitely turn heads.

Mahogany is a sort of brown hair color, but it is borderline red, so you have to be sure you can sport such a daring color. Honey brown is a great youthful color, but our money goes to the dark brown with auburn highlights. This shade is simply stunning and will make you look like a movie star. There are many other brown hair color variations, but these are just some of the more popular ones. No matter what color you decide on eventually, it’s important only to make sure it compliments your face and eyes.