Bridal Makeup Looks

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Whether you’ve asked for the help of a makeup artist or you want to do it yourself at home, bridal makeup looks are important so you need to choose carefully. For the brides that want to be a bit tanned on their wedding day, makeup artists advise they do it at least two days in advance, to give the color time to set in properly. Before choosing your bridal makeup looks, consider the climate where the wedding will take place and, especially for brides getting married in warm climates it is advised they use as many oil-free products as possible and avoid using too much primer, moisturizer and foundation. You can also keep some oil-free blotting sheets close at hand, in case of mishaps.

You can also feel free to put on a little bit more makeup than you would normally, because the camera lights tone down the makeup, so you want to look your best in the photos and videos. If you’re dealing with your bridal makeup looks on your own, practice at home before the big day and take some photos of yourself to see how they turn out. Using a primer is vital if you want to maintain your bridal makeup looks for the rest of the day. After you’ve cleansed the skin thoroughly, you moisturize and before applying foundation, apply a good primer.

When applying your foundation, always use a brush or sponge, never your fingers, because the look will never be as finished and homogenous as with a brush. Furthermore, touching your face with your hands will get the skin in contact with bacteria and dirt, so you want to avoid that. Use the brush or sponge and blend the foundation well into the skin to cover all imperfections. Use an orange-toned concealer for your eyelids, so it contrasts the blue tones of the eyelids. You can also choose to apply some primer for the eyelids too, which will also help maintain your bridal makeup looks for a much longer time.

If you’re going to use blush, go for a cream blush that makes you look more natural and vibrant in natural daylight. You can find the precise place to apply the blush by smiling, and therefore protruding the apples of the cheeks. That is where you should apply with light strokes. You have to use eyeliner also, but you can opt for something like cake liner, which is a bit harder to apply but it definitely lasts the whole day. The rest of the makeup is up to you, but by following these steps you have ensured your makeup will look fresh all day! So when you get out of your limousine and go into the church, you will take the breath away from all your guests. Don’t worry about ruining your makeup on your way to the church, because VIP limousines in Ottawa have AC and everything else you might need for things to be perfect on your big day.