Blonde Hair Colors

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Blondes have always been considered the sexiest women, whether they were natural blondes or not. Just when we think of women like Marilyn Monroe, Pamela Anderson or Jessica Simpson we know they are sex-symbols not just because of their beauty and curvaceous bodies, but because of their blonde locks as well. If you’re thinking of going to the blonde side, you first have to consider what blonde hair colors would suit you best. The blonde you choose has to match your skin type, hairstyle and your personality too.

In order to make it easy for everyone to know what they’re dealing with, we’re going to list some of the main blonde hair colors; yet there are countless variations you can work with, like darker blondes with highlights, or two-toned blondes, and many others. One of our first choices of blonde hair colors was the vanilla blonde, which you may have seen on Michelle Williams lately. In order to sport this baby blonde successfully you have to be prepared for a big change, because this color can damage the hair and is difficult to maintain. You may have to color your roots every 3 weeks, but you could adopt a short haircut like Michelle did.

Our next favorite of all blonde hair colors was the blush blonde, which is very suitable for women with fair skin, like Emma Stone. Choose a shade that adds color and warmth to your cheeks and maintain this color in a salon regularly. Rose gold is another blonde shade very popular these days among celebrities like Blake Lively. She chose a multidimensional color by combining honey, golden and apricot hues with ivory highlights. Buttery blonde is another shade fit for cute and delicate girls and can look amazing on girls with brown or hazel eyes; but this color can wash you out, so if you want to make your face pop-out you can add some caramel or honey lowlights to add richness to your style.

Other blonde hair colors include the sun-kissed streaks, which is a great method for brunettes and dark-haired girls to experiment with lighter shades. If you find a really good hair stylist you can ask them to lighten your locks with balayage, which is a method of hand painting that creates the effect of sun-kissed hair. This is a very complicated technique, so be careful who you trust to do it. You can also go for sandy blonde, caramel highlights, grown-out blonde or even bronde, which is a new shade of brown hair that is very near to being blonde and is very popular among young women today.