Auburn Hair Color

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Brown-haired women who want to change their hair color are among the luckiest, because it’s rather easy to go from brown to any other nuance. Auburn is a nuance of brown with reddish hues, very close to chestnut, though auburn is more on the red side while chestnut tends towards the brown. Naturally, auburn hair color is more common amongst northern and eastern European people, though it sometimes occurs with other peoples as well. People with natural auburn hair color mostly have a fair complexion and light eye colors like blue, green, gray or hazel.

Yet it’s not impossible for other women to have auburn hair. With the great variety of hair dyes and hair products available now, women and men can color their hair practically any way they want to. If you decide to dye your hair auburn, you should first consult a hair stylist. Auburn hair color can be complicated to achieve, especially if you’ve already dyed your hair. Moreover, there are several nuances of auburn ranging from brownish hues to almost red or ginger ones so you need to decide on what you like best and what suits you best.

Celebrities like Adele and Emma Stone have been sporting really fabulous versions of auburn hair color lately, and more and more women are starting to adopt this rich and luscious color. You can choose your color by asking your stylist for an auburn hair color chart, or look one up on the internet. The beauty of auburn color is that, unlike black or blonde anyone can try it, and you can achieve almost the same results with temporary dye as you would with permanent dye. Another advantage is that auburn offers a very large variety of nuances, so anyone can find a shade they like.

The only problem might be that every dye manufacturer has their own nuances of auburn, and they don’t always correspond. In order to know what to look for at the beginning, you should know the basic auburn hair color shades; they go like this, starting from darker tones to lighter ones: dark auburn, light auburn, medium auburn, mahogany, burgundy-auburn, chestnut or copper. From these basic nuances you can create a multitude of other nuances by mixing them or adding other nuance streaks or highlights. Many women prefer to dye their hair auburn because it looks natural and sophisticated, and it looks fantastic any way you style it.