Asian Makeup Tips

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The problem with fashion magazines and blogs is that they often fail to care to the needs of everyone, like including special pieces with Asian makeup tips. Asian eyes and eyelids are constructed differently than Western ones, so different rules apply in terms of makeup. About half the Asian eyelids are “single lid”, meaning they don’t have a crease on the upper lid. This makes it a challenge to apply makeup to, and traditional makeup tricks have to be adapted to create a layered and sophisticated look. Other Asians do have a crease, but it is still positioned differently and requires special treatment.

Many Asian girls create a fake crease with dark colored shadows or eye liners, but there are many things you can experiment with. One of the most important Asian makeup tips is that you never give up on that eye liner. But this doesn’t have to mean you’ll look the same always, there are things you can do to vary. You can opt for metallic eye liners or dark brown-black with gold, which you will find in some makeup collections.

Among the best Asian makeup tips is to adopt cat eyes. Thick eyeliner with longer tails highlight the eye, making it look bigger. You can use black or brown gel or liquid liner, which lasts longer and won’t smudge as easily on your lids, and apply it from the inner corner of the eye, going thicker as you get to the outer corner of the eye, ending a bit diagonally. For a fuller look, apply dark shadow like black or plum on the lower lid and join it with the top line.

Highlighting is a must-have in Asian makeup tips, because it creates depth on the lid. Use white or champagne to make a line on the bottom lash line, just above the lashes to create the impression that the eye is larger. Another trick is to brush the whole upper lid in a skin-toned, rosy, golden or white eye shadow, then create the effect of a crease with brown or other darker eye shadows. Apply some of the same light eye shadow to the inner corners of the eye to make them shine.

Another thing you can do is to opt for smoky eyes. For this you need some smudge brushes, to blend the colors well. Apply a thick line of the color you chose and smudge it upwards, towards the eyebrows and blend well so there are no lines. This ensures you will look fabulous during the day and for a special evening.