Ash Brown Hair Color

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Brown hair color is among the most common natural colors, but it appears in such a great variety that it is never boring or dull. If you’re thinking of coloring your hair brown you’ve made a great choice, because this year natural colors are very trendy. You can observe this phenomenon especially because more and more celebrities like singers, actresses and fashion models are opting for various shades of brown which confer a younger and more vital appearance.

If your natural hair is already brown but you’re thinking of revitalizing it or masking some gray hairs, you could opt for ash brown hair color which is very popular nowadays. The ash brown hair color is a shade of brown tending towards gray; other shades of brown are more reddish, but ash brown is based in blue or violet. This may seem like a more faded color, but it is actually nothing like that. It can be a vibrant and beautiful color if you find the right shade for you and your hairstyle.

Ash brown hair color is great for young women with long, wavy hair, but it can also be a great option for older women who are trying to cover up gray hairs. For example, if you want to avoid dyeing your entire hair, opt for some ash brown highlights or lowlights depending on the color of your hair. Apply the color only where gray hairs are present and with the help of a good hair stylist you too can rejuvenate your hair color and overall appearance.

Though it is suitable for all skin types, ash brown is perfect in combination with paler skin tones and light-colored eyes like blue, green or hazel. You can even choose from lighter to darker shades of ash brown hair color, depending on your preferences or the advice of your hair stylist.

It is also very important to know how to tend for ash brown color once you’ve obtained it, otherwise it will end up looking brassy and unkempt. In order to rejuvenate your ash brown, mix some violet-based toner with some peroxide developer in a bowl. Apply this mixture on the entire surface of your scalp and hair while gently massaging with your fingers. Let this act on the hair for about ten minutes or less if you see the right color appearing. Now you can rinse the hair with cool water and proceed with a normal shampoo and conditioner wash. In the end, you’ll have a prefect shade of ash brown.