Ash blonde hair color

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If you want to dye your hair and you don’t know what color to choose you should try something that will advantage your skin and eyes and make you use less makeup for showing your real beauty. You should know these things count pretty much when choosing the right color shade for your hair.

Today, more and more women want to have a blonde hair and since not to many are born with this particular hair color, the solution is to dye their hair in order to look like a natural blonde. If you are among the women with dark or tan skin you should avoid using some blonde shades for your hair as they will look inadequate. If you have an olive, pink or porcelain skin tone then you are among the lucky ones who can dye their hair blonde.

You should know there are three shades of blonde and you can opt for honey blonde, platinum blonde or ash blonde hair color. Whether you want to color your entire hair or whether you want to have only a few strands to be colored and make some highlights for your hair, a blonde shade is always fun and trendy. Not to mention that there are a lot of famous women who like to have their hair blonde and set the trends in almost everything they choose to wear from new fashion trends to new hairstyles. If you decide on having the ash blonde hair color there are plenty of sites which specialize in presenting different celebrities wearing this blonde shade and look gorgeous. If you see this blonde shade is the right one for you, you can always find some great tips for styling your hair in order to make this color last longer and add to your hair condition. This color shade works perfect for women having light or mousy hair as it seems quite natural. And since women have always tried to adopt different colors for their hair in order to look more natural and younger, this shade will surely make a difference.

The ash blonde has two shades which refer to a darker shade and a lighter shade. The dark ash blonde shade is a light brown with hints of ash blonde and it is suiting the olive skin tones. The light ash blonde shade is very attractive especially for women having pale or pink skin tones. Usually, women with pale skin tone, light blonde hair and blue eyes are looking their best with the ash blonde hair color.