Arabic Makeup Tips

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Every girl dreams to have a mysterious and sophisticated look from time to time. The perfect way to achieve that is by adopting an Arabic makeup which can highlight the best feature a woman can have, her eyes.

There is a big lack of originality among young people, mostly because of the inspiration they get from their favorite stars and celebrities who incline to follow the same trends. In order to prevent that from extending on higher levels, we recommend you to search new creative ways to improve your personal appearance.

Our advice is to search among other cultures styles and borrow the things you love the most about them. You can choose between different traditional clothes, jewelry and makeup styles. The Arabic makeup provides the most powerful impact on people and that is why we recommend it to you. If you are tired of using the same makeup every day, and you want to change your appearance, here is what you need to do:

1. Start by washing your face because old makeup can turn into a big impediment in obtaining an accurate look.

2. Apply a mate foundation. If you want to copy the exact look Arabian women have, opt for a darker shade than your usual. However, remember to apply it on your neck and cleavage too, because this way you will have a uniform color all over your skin.

3. For obtaining a smokey eye effect choose four tones of color, and start by applying a white shade under your eye brows.

4. Apply a yellow nuance on the entire eyelid, and a purple one above the main lid and outer corner. You need to use a small brush to blend the colors in order to avoid delimitation between shades.

5. Draw a bold line with a dark brown shadow starting with the outer corner and finishing with the middle of the eyelid. Blend it carefully with the other colors.

6. Use the same white shade you have applied under your eyebrow to highlight the inner corner of your eye. That is a great tip to make your eyes look bigger.

7. Use a black eye pencil to add a line starting from the superior lid to the outer corner, and apply the same technique for the inferior eyelashes. Keep in mind that the line has to be thicker as it approaches the exterior corner.

8. Shade away the lines you have just drawn with a brown shadow because you must avoid giving the impression you are wearing spectacles. So, blur the contours of your eyes by applying a dark tone on the black lines you have just drawn.

9. Apply mascara on your lashes and insist on those next to the outer corner. They have to be longer than the other ones in order to elongate your eyes and recreate the Arabic makeup.

10. Depending on the color of your hair, color your eyebrows with a dark or a worm shade of brown.

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