Amazing Cheryl Cole Hairstyles

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Being famous has its ups and downs. Celebrities have to take care of the way they expose to their fans and they have to make certain sacrifices in order to maintain a good appearance. However, there are some tricks which help them look great every moment, and Cheryl Cole is one of the stars who know how to use them. The Cheryl Cole hairstyles could make everyone look great if they are used properly.

Nowadays Cheryl Cole is one of the most popular and beloved celebrities there are. She is an amazing American singer and a beautiful woman. Her secret lies in discovering which the things that work best for her are, and avoiding those which don’t. So, we advise you to do the same. We present you three Cheryl Cole hairstyles that can help you focus on some important aspects regarding this matter.

The curly and wavy hairdos are highly recommended for people who have long faces shapes. Unlike straight hair, they add volume on both of the sides of your face and give the impression your face is wider than in reality. If you don’t have the time it takes to curl your hair in the morning, forget about the curling iron. Braid all your hair at night before going to sleep, and let it loose the next day, before going to work. Depending on how you like curls, you can style your hair to have a definite shape, or a blurred and fuzzy one.

If you are one of the people who have a round face shape, you should opt for one of the Cheryl Cole hairstyles which involve straightening your hair. A flat and straight hair will frame your face properly in order to make your cheeks look smaller. It has the ability to elongate your face, especially if you style it this way:
• apply some heat protection to avoid damages;
• use a straightening plate to flatten your hair;
• take the hair on top of your head and tease it for extra volume; style it to create a comb, and pin it with bobby pins; this method will add some height to your face, so the proportions will change;
• add some hairspray to help the hairdo last longer.

An asymmetrical hairdo is perfect for the heart shaped faces. One of the easiest way to style your hair in order to suit you figure is by drawing a deep side part and braid the less remaining hair. This hairdo is one of the Cheryl Cole’s favorite, so you can be confident it will help you look very fashionable, and in the meantime it will flatter your appearance.